Dungeon Bazar

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Old stories talks about epic adventures of spotless heroes who face indescribable dangers to save the world from the most dreadful of threats, dragons, just using their courage and legendary equipment... but no one ever answered the most mysteriuous of questions: Where the hell did tehy buy those incredible weapons?

In Dungeon Bazar you are the fabulous merchants who allow heroes to overcome, or at least try to, their trial! Fill up you shop with objects and convince customers to buy only from you. And remember that a good merchant cares only about his empty shop and ufll pockets, not about the success of a stranger's challenge.

Dungeon Bazar is a strategic game with simple rules but deep variability. Characters with different powers, lots of heroes who come to the marketplace, a playing board that changes a lot from game to game make each challenge a new experience.

Producto en inglés.

Especificaciones para Dungeon Bazar

Edad 8+
Nº de Jugadores 2-5
Duración 30-60 min
Editorial Altres